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Derek Souter - the grumpy IT Admin

365 Challenge

These are all the shots I have taken as part of my self-inflicted 365 Challenge - the idea is that you take, edit and upload an image a day for a full year.   The images may not be updated quite that frequently here - but I will try and make sure that the images are added at least once a week.

22/9/18 - I have been having major issues with the 1and1 easy web builder - it is refusing to allow me to add any new images to the image gallery.    It seems to limit you to 246 images per gallery - this is obviously not ideal for a 365 project.

As a result, I am splitting the gallery into 2 parts - the first gallery will be images 1-200, and the second gallery will be images 201-365.


3/1/19 - I have now completed the 365 challenge for 2018 - the observant may notice that there are 366 images.  The reason for that is pretty simple, on day 357 I took a shot of the roof of my car as I was about to leave on a 4 hour round trip to take the second image - and I much prefer the first.   I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble.

Images 001-200

Images 201-365

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